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April 2007
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AlienRage [userpic]
Sign the Petition Now for NPCA!

Thousands of national park supporters--like you--have already signed the petition to Make National Parks a National Priority.

They've sent a clear message: Americans will not stand to see our national parks continue to decline.

Will you join them?

Click here to sign our petition to Congress and the Bush Administration. Tell them to fully fund our national parks.

If you saw President Bush's State of the Union speech last night, you know that he didn't--unfortunately--discuss the state of our national parks.

But you know that they're in trouble. And you should also know this:

In the next couple of weeks, President Bush will release his 2008 budget. He'll have a chance to increase the parks' funding--which they so desperately need.

That's why it's crucial that he hears from as many Americans as possible--right now.

When you sign the petition, you make sure Congress and the Administration know: 

  • Budget shortfalls of more than $800 million annually have led to a shortage of rangers, neglected trails, and dirty and deteriorating visitor facilities in our national parks.
  • Historic buildings in national parks are in need of repair. Roofs are caving in. Structures are boarded up.
  • There is only one interpreter for approximately every 100,000 park visitors, resulting in fewer educational opportunities in the parks.

Signing the petition only takes a minute. But it can make a real difference!

With a new Congress, we have an unprecedented opportunity to increase funding to our parks--by $250 million in 2008--and reinvigorate them by their 100th birthday, in 2016.

Together, we can make national parks a national priority--and reverse their decline.

From Gettysburg to Yosemite, from the Everglades to the Grand Canyon, our parks were set aside by past leaders who believed in preserving America's wildlife, our history, and our culture.  

Click here to demand that our current leaders restore the parks' budget. Sign the petition.

Our goal: 25,000 petition signatures to Congress and the Bush Administration by February 28, as Congress begins serious deliberations on the President's budget. Our leaders won't be able to ignore park underfunding any longer!

Thank you for taking action.

Thomas C. Kiernan
President of NPCA