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April 2007
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AlienRage [userpic]
Your Voice Matters

This is it – a chance to finally defeat Gunns' destructive pulp mill once and for all!

Australia's Federal Environmental Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, will soon decide the process by which he will either approve or reject the Gunns pulp mill; the deadline for public comments is April 18th.

Please help us send a strong signal to  Minister Turnbull that he should require a proper assessment process and stop Gunns' attempt to push through a destructive pulp mill with no environmental standards!

Send in your public comment and let your voice be heard!

The Gunns pulp mill heads to Australia's federal government after being fast-tracked through the Tasmanian state government, just weeks after Gunns withdrew the pulp mill project from the legal assessment process (the RPDC). Gunns knew their pulp mill would never meet environmental standards and is now seeking to bypass all legal requirements by pushing through legislation that the media recently revealed was written by Gunns lawyers. Don't let them get away with it!

It's do or die for the Gunns pulp mill: if Minister Turnbull rejects this scandalous project, it will likely never be approved. If he gives it the green light, the future of Tasmania's old growth forests will be in serious jeopardy!

Your public comments could help keep Gunns' nightmare pulp mill from becoming a reality.

I recently returned from Tasmania where I was reminded that the island is home to some of the most magnificent old growth trees on Earth. In the Styx valley, I walked among trees as large as Sequoias and as tall as redwoods, feeling as though I was either in Lord of the Rings' Middle Earth or the Jurassic Age.

Sadly, I learned that the grove I was in was scheduled to be logged shortly!

If this pulp mill is approved, Gunns will double its wave of clear-cuts and firebombing ancient forests, but with your help, we could finally stop this project. Your voice is vital to saving these forests.

Please join us in standing for Tassie's remaining old growth forests.  

Thank you for all you do,

David Lee
Tasmania Campaign Director
Rainforest Action Network