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AlienRage [userpic]

This fall's election was a call for change -- and now it's time for action. Sierra Club recently joined the Change America Now coalition to support the first 100 hours Agenda. At the start of Congress next year, House leadership will introduce legislation to roll back multi-billion dollar subsidies for Big Oil. We have a chance to end the corrupting influence of Big Oil on Congress and to end the giveaways to this polluting industry. While this won't take us to energy independence immediately, it is a move in the right direction.

Send a message to Congress -- Change America Now!

-- Sierra Club

AlienRage [userpic]

2006 - The Year in Review:
This past year has been an eventful one for the Columbia & Snake Rivers Campaign. Our diverse coalition played defense - stopping bad proposals like anti-salmon legislative riders - as well as offense - forcing the federal government to provide better river conditions for salmon and steelhead, leading to improved survival as they migrate past the dams on the Columbia and Snake Rivers. In addition, the campaign helped to initiate a much-needed dialogue about the fate of the lower Snake River dam removal with the Revenue Stream Report - an economic analysis making a compelling case that removing these dams will cost less and provide greater benefits than today's wasteful and failed approach by the federal government.

For a more complete review of our accomplishments in 2006:
The Wild Salmon & Steelhead News

2007 - The Year Ahead
The coming year will prove both challenging and exciting. The release of Revenue Stream provides a big step toward developing an effective recovery plan by getting critical salmon and steelhead recovery information in front of decision-makers. As a next action early in the 110th Congress, our representatives must authorize the necessary economic and scientific studies on lower Snake River dam removal so that we may develop a real plan for salmon & steelhead.

You Can Help - Act Before the End of the Year!
Tell Congress to Move Forward for Real Salmon & Steelhead Recovery
Click HERE to Take Action!

On Behalf of The Save Our Wild Salmon Coalition:
- Thank you for your work and support!

Joseph Bogaard
Save Our Wild Salmon Coalition

AlienRage [userpic]

Here’s a corporate snow job: Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Corporation wants to use military artillery to launch explosives into one of our greatest national parks.

Sound reckless? It is.

Take action now. Write to BNSF. Tell them to withdraw their dangerous plan to shell Glacier National Park.

Glacier National Park is truly a national treasure. Within its vast wilderness and steep slopes live several imperiled creatures, including grizzly bears, lynx and bald eagles.

Launching explosive charges into prime wintering habitat for these creatures is a bad idea. Wildlife in the park can be found year-round near Glacier’s southern border -- the area where BNSF wants to shell. Bombardment could disturb hibernating grizzlies and other creatures, like mountain goats, that are active in this part of the park’s wilderness.

Blasting this habitat could have a lasting impact on the park’s vast wilderness. Tell BNSF to scrap their destructive plan!

For over 100 years, railroad tracks on the southern border of Glacier National Park have been protected from avalanches by snow sheds that help deflect cascading snow away from the railways. But the sheds have fallen into disrepair over the years, threatening rail workers and traffic along this scenic passage.

Instead of using their billions in corporate revenue (almost $4 billion last quarter alone) to repair and build protective sheds over avalanche-prone sections of track bordering the park, BNSF would rather hurl explosives in one of our most majestic national treasures -- a risky plan that threatens the precious wildlife that call this park home.

The National Park Service opposes the railroad's explosive plan. But the corporate giant, armed with powerful lobbyists, has threatened to bypass the Park Service to find friendlier allies in the Federal government. We can stop them!

Together, we can stop them! Speak up for Glacier National Park and the creatures that live there. Tell BNSF’s to withdraw their explosive plan to shell our national treasure.

As always, thanks for speaking out for our wildlife and the places they live.


Rodger Schlickeisen
Defenders of Wildlife

AlienRage [userpic]

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad has an explosive idea. The company wants to fire howitzer shells and drop explosives from helicopters into Glacier National Park for avalanche control. The Park Service instead wants BNSF to extend and construct additional snow sheds to protect trains--a safer and more effective approach that poses less risk to wildlife and Glacier’s tremendous wilderness values.  The Park Service's preferred alternative, which NPCA supports, is most consistent with the recently revised management policies (PDF, 2.5 MB).

TAKE ACTION: Burlington Northern Santa Fe is pushing hard for their proposal. It's time that you make your voice heard loud and clear. Employing safe alternatives to bombing the mountain--alternatives that protect wildlife and preserve the quiet and serenity of Glacier National Park, can best eliminate avalanche danger to trains.

Glacier National Park is seeking comments on this plan now through December 29, 2006. Tell them you support Glacier's preferred option (Alternative B), which does not allow the bombing of Glacier for avalanche control, but instead supports building snow sheds, a safer alternative for avalanche control. Take action today!

 -- NPCA

AlienRage [userpic]

In its final session before Christmas, the Norwegian government will decide how much of Southern Scandinavia's last remaining large old-growth forest is to be protected.

Send an email now and urge Norway to protect this magical place

The Trillemarka-Rollagsfjell area in Norway covers low-land forests with broadleaved deciduous trees, herb-rich spruce forests, dramatic river canyons and miles and miles of undulating forested hills covered by spruce and pine - all overlooked by majestic mountains.

Within the forest scientists have discovered over 100 species that are endangered and threatened in Norway. The three-toed woodpecker, golden eagle and Siberian jay are just a few of the examples of the rich wildlife thriving in the old trees, where rare lichens and fungi conjures up a uniquely magical atmosphere.

If the government fails to protect the whole of Trillemarka-Rollagsfjell in the coming weeks then the area's unique environment and precious wildlife will be under threat.

Send an email now to the Norwegian government, urging them to do the right thing and protect all of Trillemarka-Rollagsfjell!

Thank you,

WWF International

AlienRage [userpic]

Toxic emissions, tanker spills and dead sea turtles -- Is this what you want for America’s Gulf Coast?

With many of its allies preparing to leave positions of power in Washington, Big Oil and its high-priced lobbyists have launched a last-ditch effort to industrialize our coasts before Congress adjourns for the year. A vote on their legislation could come as soon as tomorrow.

Gulf Coast wildlife needs your help. Urge your Representative to oppose offshore drilling legislation and stand up for our precious coasts and the wildlife that depends on them.

Earlier this year, the Senate passed legislation that would open up as much as eight million new acres in the Gulf of Mexico to harmful oil and gas drilling (S. 3711). Now it’s your U.S. House Representative’s turn to weigh in on the bill.

More than 20 species of whales and dolphins, five species of sea turtles, dozens of fish species and hundreds of species of birds live in or near the area where new drilling would be authorized. Each of these unique and wonderful animals would be threatened by passage of the offshore drilling bill.

Drilling rigs spew air pollution and toxic mercury emissions that can poison marine wildlife. The vibrations from drilling exploration can cause dolphins to become confused and drown. And increased tanker traffic raises the specter of another cataclysmic oil spill that could wreck the beautiful Florida beaches where millions of Americans live or vacation.

It’s not worth the risk. Congress should be focusing on real energy solutions like improving fuel efficiency and spurring investment in clean, renewable energy sources. Instead, outgoing Members of Congress are offering up some of our most treasured coastal waters as a parting gift to big oil companies with sky-high profits.

We have only a few short hours before the House takes up this awful bill. Urge your Representative to reject harmful offshore drilling legislation... send your personalized message right now!

We’ve stopped Big Oil before, keeping ExxonMobil and others out of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and stopping outgoing Representative Richard Pombo’s own bill to drill off our coasts. I know that, with your help, we can do it again.


Rodger Schlickeisen
Defenders of Wildlife

AlienRage [userpic]

Thirty people were reportedly killed over the weekend when pro-government militias raided a village near the Chadian border. This event underscores the desperate need for security in the region. The African Union – the only peacekeeping mission on the ground in Darfur – will run out of funding at the end of next month, unless the United States steps in to provide them with much-needed assistance. Urge your Senator today to help ensure the safety of civilians in Darfur.

Funding for the African Union Mission in Sudan (AMIS) runs out at the end of December. This is especially bad news given that it’s the only force on the ground in Darfur providing protection to civilians until the United Nations can get in. The situation could quickly go from bad to worse without AMIS protection.

We’re calling on the Senate to provide $60 million in funding (that’s $10 million per month for six months) to ensure that the African Union Mission in Sudan will be able to continue to provide civilian protection. The Senate is back in session this week and will consider this funding in November and December. Please contact both of your Senators today.

Thank you for taking action on this crucial issue and for your help in making a difference for human rights in Darfur.


Scott Edwards
Country Specialist for Sudan
Amnesty International USA

AlienRage [userpic]

Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean, is known throughout the world for the beauty of its sea, its coastline and its wildlife.</p>

Yet despite being home to such magnificent and rare species as the Sardinian red deer and the bearded vulture, the island has long suffered from damaging and uncontrolled development.

Send an email now and help Sardinia turn over a new leaf.

Sardinia's Regional Council has now decided to protect its coastline through new legislation and bring to a halt the steady, decades-long process of unsustainable building that has been slowly eroding this magical place.

Thanks to the work of the President of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, Renato Soru, the council's decision is now officially law. But opponents - who want to keep destroying the island' coastline - are now trying to overturn it.

Send an email to Renato Soru and urge him to resist the mounting pressure against his plans for sustainable development.

-- WWF


AlienRage [userpic]

The French jeweler Cartier is sponsoring a game of "elephant polo" in the city of Jaipur, in Rajasthan, India, on November 18. Please contact Cartier immediately and ask the company to stop its sponsorship of the event.

Not only do elephants not naturally play polo, but in order to force them to participate in such events, elephants are typically trained with extremely cruel methods that inflict pain and fear. The elephants are cruelly beaten with sharp metal bullhooks and kept in chains.

Nearly all captive elephants in India were captured from the wild. Taken from their families and homes, these elephants suffer a life of chronic physical ailments, social deprivation, emotional starvation, and premature death. These magnificent beings are robbed of their most basic needs, including social companionship and adequate space to roam.

Please immediately contact Cartier and Cartier's holding company, Richemont International Ltd., and demand that Cartier cancel this cruel event and enact a policy against sponsorship of elephant polo games in the future. Let them know that Cartier can find ways to promote its fine jewelry without causing harm to animals.

Click here to help stop the cruel and ridiculous elephant polo game now.


AlienRage [userpic]

There are only about 350 North Atlantic Right whales left on the planet, making them the most endangered of the great whales. Right now, 30 to 50 are facing death in the icy waters of Canada’s Bay of Fundy.

Each year, the whales travel to these waters off the coast of New Brunswick to feed, but then typically leave the area as winter approaches.

But this year is different. For some reason, the whales have remained in the bay, putting them on a crash course with disaster once the lobster harvest begins in the area today.

Take action now to save these whales. Urge the Canadian Minister of Fisheries to delay opening the fishing grounds until the right whales have left the area.

Entanglement in fishing gear is the second leading cause of death for North Atlantic right whales, and lobster gear is one of the leading culprits.

Whales and other marine wildlife can get tangled in the vertical lines that connect lobster traps on the ocean floor to buoys at the surface. They can also become ensnared in the horizontal lines that connect the traps together, known as groundlines.

Once caught up in this gear, whales have little hope of freeing themselves and face a near certain death.

Help prevent a disaster! Urge the Canadian Minister of Fisheries to give right whales the time they need to leave the area, so they don’t become ensnared and die.

With so few North Atlantic right whales left in the world, the loss of even one moves the entire species that much closer to total extinction.

Lobster season starts today. I urge you to take action right now to save these vanishing giants of the sea.


Rodger Schlickeisen
Defenders of Wildlife

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